Lust, Covet and Desire with Geraldine Chung

If there is one woman who can incite our lust, covet, and desire, it is Geraldine Chung of LCD in Venice Beach. The former New Yorker opened up shop on Lincoln Blvd earlier this year, and since then has amassed a clientele of the creative clout, specifically a stylish set of women who dabble in emerging designers that set trends rather than follow them. We spent a morning grabbing the scoop on all the local intel, here's what we discovered below. 

Geraldine Chung, Lust Covet Desire, venice Beach

What inspired you to start up your shop?


I'd been working in the music industry in New York for a few years when I noticed a lot of my friends and acquaintances were quitting their corporate jobs to start their own businesses.  It was the start of the Brooklyn artisanal movement.  I felt burnt out at my job, so when I quit I knew that my next venture would be starting my own thing.  At the time, all of my friends worked in fashion, and obviously I loved fashion, so it seemed like the most “logical” next thing to do. So I combined my love for clothing with my expertise in technology to launch LCD.

Location is everything when it comes to a brick and mortar store - tell us a little about your neighborhood.

Venice has such a creative community — it has a storied past that varies from famous artists and architects to gang warfare to nowadays the big tech boom coming in.  It’s one of the few communities in LA that I feel is both walkable and still diverse.  You’ll see a grandma tending to her rose garden in an old beach bungalow right next door to an artist throwing ceramics in a metal shed, all happening beside a Snapchat millionaire’s modern concrete home.  Our location on Lincoln Boulevard was deliberately selected — you’ll notice that the more interesting independent boutiques are priced out of Abbot Kinney, which is now becoming more of a big (boring) retailer street.  It’s just not fun shop on that street anymore.  We’re developing a great little community on Lincoln, with General Store, Tradesman, Christy Dawn, Bassike, Nick Fouquet, etc.  

The other thing that is especially great about Venice is that it is chockfull of New York expats, almost everyone we meet at the store lives or has lived in New York.  Maybe it's because I still have a New Yorker’s eye when I buy, or perhaps it's the merchandising that draws them in. But we have some truly awesome clients coming into the store, each who have an interesting job and travel a lot for work.

How has LA played a role in shaping your aesthetic? 

I definitely dress more casually in LA than I ever did in New York.  In New York you walk everywhere, so it was more important to look good all day because you would run into people on the block, down the block and around the block.  In LA, you drive from home to the store, and each destination is deliberate so you can get away with being super lazy.

How does the lifestyle affect the way people dress?

Whether you work in the movie business or not, I think people in LA are very concerned with their bodies.  People are constantly either heading to or heading out of a workout.  I see people in workout clothes everywhere.   That concern also plays out in the way people choose to dress when they go out.  Thankfully I live and work in Venice and there’s less of a Hollywood influence over here.

What do you look for when you're stocking a new designer?

I am a sucker for a good back story — I am interested in the designer’s background, where they worked, what inspires them.  Of course the product has to be interesting and well-made, and offers value to the customer.  A designer whose work is Celine quality, designed by a JW Anderson alum but at a fraction of the cost?  There’s something interesting there.

What are you currently coveting?

Sandy Liang’s floral embroidered moto jacket

Ryan Roche baby pink cashmere cardigan

Snow Peak Camo Printed Mesh Parka

Name 5 spots where we could we find you on the weekends? 

1. At the pottery studio where I’m a member
2. Brunch at Gjusta
3. Hiking in Malibu
4. Visiting my favorite art galleries: Moran Bondaroff, M+B, Regen Projects, Anat Ebgi
5. The store!!!

Favorite song at the moment?

I don’t have a single favorite song but I have been playing Anti by Rihanna on repeat.  It’s definitely her most ambitious and interesting music to date.