Weekend in Oia

Ah Oia, the stuff of Instagram dreams. While touch down in Thira requires multiple connections from most major airports, the destination is well-worth the long journey. The sights and scenes are visceral, as a postcard view greets you along the village's ancient steps. 

First stop: Atlantis Books, a destination bookshop with a treasure trove selection of Greek mythology and adventure novels.

Make sure to drop by to chat with the friendly staff and publisher of the locally curated Santorini Guide.

What's for breakfast? Grab a bite & drink at Passaggio, a corner cafe and restaurant that combines local fare with city offerings. Fresh greek yogurt, check. Green juice, check. 

Brace yourselves, because when it comes to watching a sunset in Oia, finding the perfect spot requires planning and patience. 
While the Kastro walls offers the most advantageous views of the village gliding into golden hour, this spot attract tourists by the thousands. For a road less travelled we recommend exploring the stray paths along the donkey Steps of Port Naossa, which often leads to an undisturbed viewing of Santorini's famous sunsets without the selfie sticks.

Room with a view. Art Maison Aspaki suites looks over some of the best views of the Caldera and Volcano in Oia. 

Santorini Cat